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The Power of Place

Greg Sterling, LSA



Applied Location Intelligence: From Site Selection to Sales Management

Location is a versatile tool for multiple uses beyond advertising. Retail site selection, urban planning and sales territory management are just three diverse scenarios that will be explored, along with how additional data sets (e.g., calls, sales) can improve and enhance location intelligence.
Stuart Lynn, Head of Research, Carto



Location & CPG: Turning Real-World Insights into Sales

This case study will show how a leading “adult beverage” company used location history and consumer purchase data to determine the impact of major event sponsorships on in-store product sales. There were additional, compelling insights into pre- and post-purchase consumer behavior that will also be presented.
Duncan McCall, CEO & Co-Founder, PlaceIQ
Jennifer Pelino, SVP, Media Center of Excellence, IRI



Two Great Tastes: Direct Mail and Mobile Display

This case study, involving a campaign for a major wireless carrier, will show a sophisticated use of geofencing (individual homes) and the combination of traditional direct mail with mobile display and retargeting. Combined media response rates vs. mobile only will be discussed, as well as in-store performance.
Paul Elliott, President, Consumer Brands, Brandmuscle
Frost Prioleau, CEO,



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What Nobody Will Tell You about Location Data

There are lots of claims and pitches in the market. But what’s real and what’s unsupported? What level of accuracy and scale do you need for different use cases? When is precision required and when isn’t it? What are the key things to know to avoid mistakes, inefficiency and common problems with campaign implementation and interpreting results?
Chris Cunningham, Founder, C2 Ventures
Elina Greenstein, VP, Channel Partnerships, GroundTruth
Matthew Russo, Chief Marketing Officer, Gimbal
Thomas Walle, CEO & Co-Founder, Unacast




The Future of Digital Identity: Countdown to 2020

Digital marketing depends on data. But consumers are increasingly worried about the “misappropriation” of their data. How can marketers deliver data-driven and personalized experiences in an environment of growing paranoia and impending regulation? As we count down to the California Consumer Privacy Act, what is the way forward?
Neil Sweeney, Founder, Killi



Location & Privacy: The Way Forward

Will the CCPA become “America’s GDPR”? Or will it be preempted by federal regulation? What’s the best approach for the industry given that self-regulation hasn’t worked? The panel will debate the current, very charged climate surrounding privacy and location data. What’s likely to happen? What should happen? Is there a “middle way” that serves both consumers and marketers?
Stacey Gray, Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum
Ray Kingman, CEO, Semcasting
Peter Lenz, Senior Geospatial Analyst, Dstillery
Neil Sweeney, Founder, Killi



Lunch & Networking

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Google on Measurement: Seeing the Whole Picture

Google’s Senior Director of Product Management for Ads, Kishore Kanakamedala, will discuss the state of measurement and the challenges of getting to true incremental return on ad spend (ROAS) by channel. He’ll also explain where we really are with multi-touch attribution and how offline conversions and traditional online metrics will interact and co-exist going forward.
Kishore Kanakamedala, Sr. Director of Product Management, Ads, Google



Driving Retail Foot Traffic with Product Inventory Data

Many retailers have been unable or unwilling to put their inventory data online. But this session will show how dynamic product inventory and an enhanced landing page strategy provided a ranking boost to a major US wireless carrier and drove a significant conversion lift both online and off.
Will Plaehn, Founder and CTO, Lastmile Retail
Duncan Young, Director, App Directory, Yext


Digital OOH: Reaching the Right Audiences in the Right Places

This case study involves a major immunity booster product and closed loop sales data. Using location and digital OOH, the campaign was able to reach audiences throughout the day in high-impact locations around town and measure in-store purchase results. Audiences were identified using location and past shopping data to reach targeted groups, including buyers of competitors’ products.
Eugenie Chen, Director of Analytics, Vistar Media
Chris Conforti, Director of Partner Solutions & Sales, Kantar Worldpanel




Case Study: How to Find (More of) Your Best Customers with  Location Intelligence 

In the highly competitive prepared meals segment, many consumers try but few remain long-term buyers. This session will explore how location data was used to identify characteristics of this leading company’s best customers and find lookalikes. This approach was also used to avoid those audiences that had shown a propensity toward non-renewal.
Anurag Mehta, SVP & GM, Audience & Data Solutions, Gravy Analytics



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Pandora: What 400 Campaigns Taught Us about Location Attribution

Pandora will discuss how its perspective on measurement and use of location attribution have evolved over time. They will discuss lessons learned from more than 400 campaigns for 100 brands. They’ll also present two very different case studies for retail and travel & tourism.
Matthew Butts, Director, Ad Measurement, Pandora
Jim Watson, SVP of Operations and Strategy, Placed



Finding Elvis: Blending Location & Custom Audiences to Reach Elvis Fans

This case study highlights a major music label campaign to reach Elvis fans for an anniversary album release, using a combination of location data and social media custom audiences.
Michael Benedict, Chief Revenue Officer, Reveal Mobile
Shara Ogg, Client Lead, Gupta Media



After the Apocalypse: The Future of Retail

Traditional retail is undergoing a massive transition and transformation – compelled in part by Amazon’s success and changing consumer behavior. Some will succeed but many will disappear. This session pushes past the platitudes and conventional wisdom to debate the characteristics, technologies and customer experiences that will define the successful multi-channel retailers of the next 10 years.
Todd Adest, SVP Sales, NinthDecimal
Valentina Bieser, SVP Marketing, Cuebiq
Kipp Jones, Chief Technology Evangelist, Skyhook
Gil Larsen, VP, Americas, Blis



The Buy Side: Where Promise Meets Activation

Led by Placed CEO David Shim, this session focuses on the buy-side perspective of location data and location intelligence services. What are their past experiences using location? Where is location today? What is on their wish list? And where do they see the market going in the future?
Donna Eddington, VP of Planning and Analysis, Horizon Media
Lauren McAndrews,
Vice President, Digital Strategy, Havas Media Group
Rolf Olsen,
Chief Analytics Officer, OMD USA
David Shim,
Founder & CEO, Placed




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