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Location & the Illusion of Universal Availability

Historically, Big Brands succeeded by leveraging the mass reach platform of broadcast media, but personalisation and portability have changed all that. Location data can now help brands succeed in a world where mass broadcast has continued, but mass consumption is increasingly rare.
Alex Wright, Head of Insights, Blis



The Many Uses of Location Intelligence

Location is a flexible tool for customer and competitive insights, media measurement, operational improvements and even urban planning. CARTO will showcase these applications, including its Waze partnership. Waze will also present on how it’s literally driving people to physical store locations.
Florence Broderick, Director, Solutions Marketing, CARTO
Nigel Fung, UK Sales Lead, Waze




Facebook: Online-to-Offline Solutions

Facebook will offer an overview and discussion of its local ad products and offline attribution solutions.
Abishek Varadarajan, Product Manager, Facebook



Audience Targeting, Footfall & Offline Attribution 

GotU and Italian women’s clothing retailer Motivi will explain how they used location targeting and vouchers to reach key audiences on Facebook and drive footfall. GotU will also present a Burger King case study that used a unique menu item as a creative attribution tool.
Amedeo Guffanti, Founder, GotU
Paolo Portioli, COO, GotU



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O2 + Subway: Combining Traditional & Digital Media with Location Analytics

Mobsta will present case studies featuring O2 and Subway, which combined out-of-home adverts, digital audio and location data to drive store visits and demonstrate the overall campaign effect. Location data determined whether the audiences had seen the billboard campaign. Those individuals were then retargeted with digital audio to motivate store visits. These complex and innovative campaigns combined location data with both tradition and digital media.

George Dixon, Head of Product and Strategy, Mobsta



Location as a Tool to Reach High-Value Customers

NetJets sells fractional ownership in private jets for exclusive air travel experiences. It caters to very wealthy individuals. To find this difficult-to-reach audience, DAC Group used a sophisticated digital campaign utilising location history, geo-fencing and social media.
Koen Smeets, Strategy Director Europe, DAC Group



Radical Transparency: Unlocking the Black Box of Location

As questions surrounding transparency and privacy compliance become increasingly prevalent, Unacast COO Kjartan Slette will dive into what it means for a location data company to be “radically transparent”. From data sourcing to processing, unlocking the black box of location is the key to the future.
Kjartan Slette, COO, Unacast



Privacy & Proximity: What’s Required, What’s Permitted?

When is consent required to use mobile data and when is it not? When can third parties use first-party location? What types of anonymity alleviate consent requirements and what must marketers, brands and agencies do to remain compliant?
Jon Chase, Chairman Media Agencies Council, EACA
Sarah Moth,
Director, Global Media & Digital Implementation, Kantar Millward Brown
Vincent Potier,  Founder, London Digital Ventures Ltd.
Stéphanie Verilhac, 
EU Affairs Manager, SIINDA



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Google: How to Drive Value with Google My Business 

How can brands, enterprises, and SMBs get the most value from Google My Business? Google will be on hand to explain and discuss some key new GMB features.
John Liu, Product Manager, Google
Kartik Taneja,  Director-Channel Sales EMEA, Google



Smartphone Searches to In-Store Sales

Corkscrew and Majestic Wines partnered to create mobile wine shopping for local shops. Has it been successful driving local footfall? And what changes did Majestic need to implement to make local wine inventory available in real-time to mobile users?
Dino Joannides, VP, Business Development, Corkscrew
Mark Cann, Head of Marketing UK, Corkscrew



Using Light for Indoor Location, Analytics and Product Search

How do VLC and BLE play into the future of indoor location and wayfinding? Philips will explain with several case studies about how light is used for in-store location services. The company will also discuss its recently launched Interat IoT platform.
Gerben van der Lugt, Indoor Location Services Leader, Philips



How Mixed Reality & AI Will Change Digital Experiences

Mixed reality is set to have a major impact on digital marketing and shopping. What are the use cases? What can retailers and brands expect in the next 24 months? Microsoft UK CTO Richard Potter will present success stories with brands like BMW and how AI and computer vision factor into next-generation experiences.
Richard Potter, CTO Microsoft Services UK, Microsoft



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Designing for Trust, Transparency and Control

Facebook Product Design Manager Elaine Montgomery will discuss design thinking and how every company needs to build user experiences for trust, transparency and control. She will explain the thought process, principles and best practices behind this approach.
Elaine MontgomeryProduct Design Manager, Facebook



Getting to Scale: Crowdsourcing Indoor Location

Indoor location has not taken off as quickly as expected. What’s at stake for retailers and brands? Sensewhere will offer case studies and examples from several industries in Europe and China. They will also explain how crowdsourcing can solve scale and go-to-market challenges.
Rob Palfreyman, CEO, sensewhere



Connected Cars: The Road Ahead

Connected cars represent a new channel for publishers and advertisers. Autonomous vehicles add another twist to the prospect of capturing passenger attention during travel. What can marketers expect from the in-dash screen and how will consent be captured?
Hervé Utheza, Head of Media & Advertising, HERE Technologies