15 June, 2018 @ Facebook’s London Offices

The rise of mobile location data and the convergence of digital and offline experiences creates opportunities and challenges for marketers, brands and retailers. The Place Conference is a unique event on location intelligence, offline analytics and proximity marketing. Attendees will gain tactical insights and practical knowledge from market leaders and innovators.

Selected Participating Companies


7:30  Registration & Breakfast

8:40  Welcome & Overview

8:50  Location & the Illusion of Universal Availability

9:10  The Many Uses of Location Intelligence

9:45 Facebook: Online-to-Offline Solutions

10:10  Audience Targeting, Footfall & Offline Attribution 

10:30  Networking & Refreshment Break

10:55  O2 + Subway: Combining Traditional & Digital Media with Location Analytics

11:15   Location as a Tool to Reach High-Value Customers

11:35   Radical Transparency: Unlocking the Black Box of Location

11:55   Privacy & Proximity: What’s Required, What’s Permitted?

12:25 Lunch & Networking

13:15   Google: How to Drive Value with Google My Business

13:40   Smartphone Searches to In-Stores Sales

14:00   Using Light for Indoor Location, Analytics and Product Search

14:25   How Mixed Reality & AI Will Change Digital Experiences

14:50 Refreshment Break

15:10   Designing for Trust, Transparency and Control

15:40   Getting to Scale: Crowdsourcing Indoor Location

16:00  Connected Cars: The Road Ahead


Koen Smeets

Strategy Director Europe DAC Group

Kjartan Slette

COO & Co-Founder Unacast

Elaine Montgomery

Product Design Manager Facebook

Rob Palfreyman

CEO sensewhere

Abishek Varadarajan

Product Manager Facebook

Paolo Portioli


Mark Cann

Head of Marketing UK Corkscrew

John Liu

Product Manager Google

Vincent Potier

Founder London Digital Ventures Ltd.

Alex Wright

Head of Insight Blis

Richard Potter

CTO Microsoft Services UK Microsoft

Dino Joannides

VP, Business Development Corkscrew

Amedeo Guffanti

Founder GotU

Jon Chase

Chairman, Media Agencies Council EACA

Sarah Moth

Director, Global Media & Digital Implementation Kantar Millward Brown

Florence Broderick

Director, Solutions Marketing CARTO

Gerben van der Lugt

Indoor Location Services Leader Philips

Nigel Fung

UK Sales Lead Waze

Herve Utheza

Head of Media, Advertising & Telco HERE Technologies

Stéphanie Verilhac

EU Affairs Manager SIINDA

George Dixon

Head of Product & Strategy Mobsta

Kartik Taneja

Director, Channel Sales EMEA Google


Facebook’s London Office



Connecting the digital and physical worlds.

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The Local Search Association (LSA) is a not-for-profit industry association of media companies, agencies and technology providers who help businesses market to local consumers. LSA has about 300 members in 20 countries and the Association helps these members realize the power of local marketing and commerce through conferences, consulting, insights, advocacy and more.

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